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Streamlines and provides an independent analysis of the current manual WIC certification process

Versado provides an independent analysis of the current manual WIC certification process between Third Party Processors and Issuers of online WIC transactions for state governments. Both Third Party Processors and Issuers can benefit from using Versado prior to certification to inspect and debug integration issues. As message formats change over time, using Versado will help insure compliance and quality with each release. Versado provides the following features and benefits:

Real-time Viewing and Reporting

It’s important to know the status of your testing and be able to quickly identify issues. You can view the status, determine the coverage, and analyze the issues of your tests performed with Versado. Versado provides real-time message logging, detail message inspection, and test result analysis including test coverage report. In addition, Versado generates a test summary report and an executive summary report for each test conducted.

Resource Management

Versado allows you to utilize your organization’s resources in an efficient manner by minimizing the demand placed upon your resources during testing. Versado delivers issue identification and result interpretation that assist your resources in performing tests more quickly, freeing them up to contribute further value-add to your testing process.

Automatic Notification

Using Versado, automatic notifications can be setup to inform you when testing has commenced or completed. Notification can also be sent to a group of receivers, distributing summary report of the issues identified.

Additional Features

  • Detail WIC message bit element breakdown
  • Diagnostics of format and logistical errors
  • Searchable full run log
  • Statistics panel
  • Executive summary report
  • Analytics on test coverage
  • Instant notification on system events
  • Hierarchical user security
  • Configurable execution settings

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