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Mobile Market+ Register

The next generation of retail at your fingertips

Designed for Today’s Merchants


  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • EMV Level 3 Certified
  • On-demand reports
  • Multi-tender and mixed-basket support

Product Management

  • Products can be easily added and categorized
  • Designate which products are eligible for specific payments
  • Modify and set your pricing for each of your products

Robust Reporting

  • Mobile Market+ Register provides reporting on the iPad and through our web portal.
  • Authorized users can easily reconcile back to their ACH deposit or reconcile transactions back to each location.
  • Reports can be executed on demand and are immediately available for printing from the device

Loyalty Support

  • Mobile Market+ Register supports loyalty programs such as Double Up Bucks, Maryland Market Money.
  • Enjoy the ability to create incentive programs for your customers
  • Virtual Loyalty Account – no cards are issued or mailed.

Mobile Market+ Register Desktop Portal

In addition, to providing a wireless mobile solution Mobile Market+ Register also provides authorized users with a portal that provides the following functionality:


  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Sales Reporting
  • Online Receipts
  • Product and Image Import
  • User Management and Setup

Your Complete Solution and Replacement for your Legacy Equipment

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