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Mobile Market+

The point of purchase device that powers
your WIC, SNAP, credit and debit transactions.

Compatible with Apple and Android

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Process All Types of Payments

WIC, SNAP, Card or Debit—track all kinds of tender in one place.

  • NDG is pleased to offer a farmer’s market solution that is affordable and meets the requirements of processing SNAP, WIC, FMNP and CVB benefits
  • We accept all major credit cards and qualified credit transactions are 1.79% + $.15. SNAP transactions are $.15

Let the Customer Choose Their Form of Receipt

  • Provides the ability to email, text or print receipts
  • Small footprint with the ability to operate with no power
  • Email notification for out of state transactions

Robust Reporting

  • Mobile Market+ provides a retailer, vendor and terminal totals report
  • These reports allow the farmer’s market to easily reconcile back to their ACH deposit or reconcile transactions back to each farmer
  • Reports can be executed on demand and are immediately available for printing from the device

Farmer/Vendor Association Tracking

  • Mobile Market+ allows vendors to be added to track items to each individual farmer
  • This gives the State the flexibility of using one device that can track multiple farmers or the option of using several devices
  • Add, edit and delete vendors gives the State multiple options for implementing their farmer’s market solution

Mobile Market+ Desktop Portal

In addition, to providing a wireless mobile solution Mobile Market+ also provides the State and authorized retailers with a portal that provides the following functionality:


  • Transaction History by Farmers Market
  • GPS Location of Transactions
  • Remote Device Management
  • Online Receipts
  • Out of State Transaction Reporting
  • Vendor contact information, terminal information and associated transaction history

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Your Complete Solution for Every Type of  Payment

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